I have had Natalie attend the births of both of my children. The first was an unplanned home birth and the second was a planned water birth at home (with my first child present). Both births were completely different, and both times I found Natalie to be extremely valuable to me. She is comfortable in joining you at whatever stage of labour you feel you need her, and she made me and my support people feel comfortable around her. She offers information that is relevant and useful, and respects your feelings and decisions throughout the pregnancy and the labour. The physical support helped me cope with each contraction, one at a time. Her verbal cues helped me cope with any mental anxiety that arose during labour. The photos and the birth story she provides afterwards are beautiful gifts that our family cherishes. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone considering a doula because I feel she has the knowledge, the experience and the right kind of personality to honour you and your partner through the process of childbirth.
— Tori S.
Natalie was an incredible support to me and my husband from prenatal all the way through to post natal. We had not initially planned to use a doula but at the suggestion of our midwives decided to meet with Natalie a few weeks prior to our due date. She was both professional and personable and after our initial meeting it was a no brainer to ask for her services. She helped us refine our wishes for how the labor and delivery would go and was incredibly client-centered throughout! During the labor and delivery Natalie worked tirelessly and fluidly to support me and my husband and collaborate with the midwives. With her different suggestions and ideas for positioning and moving, her vast knowledge, and her loving hands and heart she enabled me to successfully labor at home for as long as possible before transitioning to the hospital where she continued to assist. I would not have been able to have the birth I did without her support. I also really appreciated how she coached my husband to help me which made him a much more active member of the labor and delivery than I ever would have imagined. Her post natal care was also exceptional and the birth story she shared with us will be treasured always! Natalie truly has a gift for supporting families to bring their little ones into the world - I would recommend her services to anyone and everyone and would not even consider having another baby without her
— Justine G.
When my husband and I first found out we were pregnant, we knew we wanted some support and a go-to person for all our pregnancy related questions. We met Natalie and knew she’d be a great fit for us because of the unlimited texting support and her ability to speak openly about our birthing and parenting style. Natalie was able to give me the birthing experience I wanted. She was able to calm all my anxieties prior to my due date and never made me feel bad for asking too many questions. She made sure my husband felt helpful during labour and also provided extremely helpful breathing and relaxation techniques. She was able to keep me in a state of mind that allowed us to work through each contraction together and I never felt helpless. Her knowledge about breastfeeding helped set us up for success. Her education and support has been priceless. When times are hard, she’s there to remind me how well I’m doing. She has pushed me to think constructively about any issues that arise, which helped me be confident in my choices. The birth story she provided after was an amazing way to help bring closure to the birthing experience but also begin a new chapter of love and memories of our newborn. My husband and I have already decided Natalie will be with us for our next pregnancy and birth. We couldn’t have had such a positive and stress free experience without her. We were able to put our trust in her and let our worries go because we knew she would be there to help us through it all.
— Rachel M.
After coming home from the hospital with our newest addition we felt very overwhelmed by the information and guidance we were given by the hospital in regards to breast feeding. After struggling at home with breast feeding, followed by the feeling my baby wasn’t getting enough milk so I would then bottle feed as a top up then pump to ensure my milk supply was coming in I was ready to call it quits to breast feeding. That’s when we met Natalie! Natalie came to our home the very next day after we called. Her professionalism shined through the moment we met. She has a very laid back approach and just went with the flow of the evening offering assistance as the night went on, adjustments here and there and we talked lots about the mechanics of breast feeding. Natalie is truly passionate about what she does and has followed up with us regularly to ensure we are still on the right track and answers any of our questions whether it is Breast feeding related or not she is there fully supporting us!
— Chrissy A.
I sought Natalie’s care when I embarked on the journey of breastfeeding twins. I had successfully breastfed my two older children, but tandem feeding two tiny babies seemed like it was going to be a whole new ballgame. Prior to the birth, I worried the possible struggles with latch due to the likelihood that the babies would be younger and sleepier, and just the general mechanics of how to tandem feed. Thankfully, I had recently met Natalie, so I looked her up in that heady postpartum period when my initial attempts at tandem feeding weren’t going as well as I’d hoped. Natalie’s response was prompt, warm, knowledgable. and enthusiastic. She literally and figuratively supported me through the process of tandem feeding: she reviewed and guided each twin’s latch, she made sure that my posture and seating were comfortable and appropriate, and she made sure to touch base with how I was feeling physically and psychologically/emotionally. Natalie also has a wealth of information at her fingertips that was both good for practical use and based on the latest research, which I really appreciated. She checked in on a regular basis after the in-home support had ended to see if she could help with any issues that had cropped up later on. Natalie is incredibly compassionate, well-informed, and easy to be around: I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for support with breastfeeding!
— Natalie F.