Breastfeeding Support Services


 Best Start Visit

Get breastfeeding started on the right breast … umm, I mean foot. Breastfeeding in the first couple days after baby arrives can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be though. A Lactation Specialist will meet you within 48 hours of baby’s arrival to guide you in the right direction with a focus on latch and milk supply. I leave you with the confidence to carry on with your breastfeeding journey. Plan ahead for your best start to breastfeeding.

Investment: $90

S.O.S. Home Support

HELP! Sore nipples, struggling with milk supply, things aren’t going to plan? Asking for help from a qualified professional can put you back on the right track. No need to head to the clinic, a breastfeeding specialist comes to you, in your home, ASAP!

Investment: $125


Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

Breastmilk offers everything your baby needs for nutrition and health in the first 6 months of life. This 2.5 hour class is designed to teach you the importance and benefits of breastmilk, how to achieve a good latch, how to realize and maintain a good milk supply, how to pump effectively, and more.

Investment: $100


virtual breastfeeding help

Do you have questions regarding milk supply, sore nipples, nursing strikes, etc? Are you tired of wondering which Dr. Google is correct but aren’t sure a full assessment is required? Give me a call, email, text or video chat and we can discuss many of your pressing concerns from the comfort of your own home for a price that is more comfortable to your pocketbook.

Investment $25/Half hour

Natalie is absolutely amazing at what she does! We had a hard time breastfeeding due to bad latching encouraged at the hospital. Our newborn was so fussy and we were so sleep deprived, I was very close to switching to formula. Natalie helped us establish a good latch and gave us great advice and tips on newborn care.
She’s so passionate about breastfeeding and so easy to work with, very personable, professional and such a sweetheart! I highly recommend Natalie to anyone who is struggling/seeking help breastfeeding!
— Oana C.